Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It is soooo cute the way my daughter helps me clean the house.

After I sweep and mop the floor she helpfully takes her cheerios out of the bowl, one by one, and places them on the floor.

After I fold the clean clothes she very graciously moves them from the couch to the floor. Starting with the stuff on the bottom first.

After I put the dishes away she opens the tupperware cupboard and puts all the containers in her plastic kitchen cupboard.

When cooking she will clear out the bottom shelf for me. Today she pulled out the chicken breasts....wait...that was actually pretty helpful cause I was making chicken.

Finally, today when she watched me vacuum she made a dirty diaper for me. She is so helpful she decided to head on up the stairs to the changing table. By herself. At warp speed.

I love it when she learns new tricks.

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