Monday, June 20, 2011


I love green things. Trees, flowers, grass. I love looking at them. Last summer I spent my mornings watering our tiny yard and watching green things pop up. Lettuce, strawberries, green beans. The most exciting thing about my day was going outside to see what had popped up overnight. Then our daughter popped up overnight (or over four nights really) and I ignored the yard again.

Now it's time to start again and my husband has spent weeks getting the garden ready. Which means every morning I get to walk around outside and for five to ten minutes I explore green things. We have tiny green things coming up that will soon be marigolds. My pumpkin plant is sprouting orange blossoms now. My citrus-tree-of-unknown-variety is now fruiting citrus-of-unknown-variety. There are mushrooms of different colors and our palm trees and ti plants are plumping out. Everyday my super-tinny-tiny yard has changed completely from the day before. And I get to witness it.

My bonus is after I spend a few quiet minutes watching green things grow I go inside and spend a lot of noisy minutes watching a pink thing grow. That's really not a bad way to spend the day.

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