Saturday, September 21, 2013

Gauntlet Thrown

I've mostly been writing up my daily tidbits in Facebook statuses, but watching a three year old becoming a three year old really deserves a blog post.   When else do you get to see a person actually attempt to change the laws of nature and reason to suit their preferences?  When else do you get challenged to make the impossible happen: everyday?  Toddlerhood, that's when

The other week Baba (my Father) was teasing Emily when she asked for a bagel.   He asked her what kind he wanted, round?

Emily heard brown and had a freak out that she only wanted a white bagel with white cheese.  It took a few minutes to calm her down and explain that round meant the shape of a circle.

Then, because we moved from color preferences to shapes she started to insist on a diamond shaped bagel.  Again, there was a fight of wills as I attempted to explain that bagels only come in circles.

Then Daddy can home.  Not knowing how long we'd already discussed this bagel he promptly cut the edges off and voila: diamond bagel.

Mommy is a liar and Daddy is a push over.

Of course, now that she knows this can be done Emily insists on having diamond bagels everyday.  It hasn't been that bad.  I give the edges to Sarah because they are the perfect size for a baby.  This morning, however, Emily presented a new challenge.

She wants a diamond bagel, but she doesn't want me to cut the bagel.

And go...