Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Clothes Horse

My daughter has the cutest clothes. Being a girly-girl myself I like pretty dresses and frilly shirts and such. However, it's easy to find cheap frilly dresses for little girls. It's hard to find them for grown women. I also have a secret hippy in me who enjoys those mix-n-match'd peasant shirts and dresses. Unfortunately, those never look good on women with hourglass figures. They do look good on babies though. So I often find myself jealous of Emily's wardrobe whether we're dressing up or down.

Now I'm really jealous. Yesterday my daughter wore a dress that was hand-sewn by my mother for my sister. It was worn by my sister, myself, and now it's Emily's. It's adorable. Made of lacy fabric (but not too lacy), with a peter pan collar. The skirt has cute, small, darts. The sleeves are puffed. The whole thing was hand-stitched.

Which means my daughter isn't even a year old and she's already sporting vintage couture. I am so jealous!

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