Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Yarn Along

I decided to join the Yarn Along over at small things.  Reading and knitting together!  Awesome idea!

Do you think it's a sign of the times that I actually don't have a "book" to take a picture of?  That is my Kindle.  I'm currently reading ""The Piano Teacher" by Janice Y.K. Lee.  It's a book club book for the Oahu Women's Literary Society and I'm enjoying it.  Or I was.  It starts off like an interesting romance, then gets terribly bleak and depressing following the trials of WWII in Hong Kong.  

On the bright side my Little Red Riding Hood Sweater is almost finished.  I started this sweater two years ago when I lived in Korea.  There I could have worn a hooded sweater and it would make sense.  Hawaii doesn't give me much occasion to wear this, but I want to finish it either way.  I've finished all but half of one zipper band and the two pockets.  I missed knitting Monday this week so I haven't gone far this week, but I hope to have it all done within the next two weeks.  


little macaroon. said...

I know what you mean re knitting and the climate - Singapore doesn't really lend itself to sweaters or scarfs either! But there's always holidays... I might have to get that book - I'm getting a bit obsessed with WW2 in Asia historical fiction.

Tracey said...

I love reading books on Kindle especially at night when I am laying down.
I think your red sweater is beautiful and while you don't need it in Hawaii, maybe one day you'll be stationed somewhere cold and it will be perfect! xx

Knitters Notebook said...

Your red sweater is beautiful...Great Job!!


Gae said...

Dear Katy,
How does a Kindle compare to holding a great book in your hands and turning the pages with excitment. I have been interested in this for a while.
Lov eth colour red and the sweater is great

Lori ann said...

that's a beautiful shade of red, maybe you'll have the odd day where it's cold enough to wear. i can't seem to get into reading on my ipad, i miss books too much. i do love magazines though! it makes me feel better about not wasting.

Jen said...

I find that I fly through the books I download to my iPod.

Love that book (Dominknitrix) and that is a great sweater pattern.

www.theevolvinghomemaker.com said...

the sweater will be great! just stash it in your closet till you go to Alaska...in November...i am anti-kindle at the moment. only because i am saddened by the closing of bookstores and the like. sigh. i am still a hold out for the old fashioned kind of books. lol. i was teased last week for bringing 10 actual books on a retreat...i don't care. and there wasn't much time to read... ;)


house full of jays said...

I'm still resisting the kindle although I do think it would an easier one-handed read when I'm holding a babe. ;)
I love the red of your sweater!

Pooch said...

Your bright sweater reminds me of the first project I ever knit, a bright red, hooded sweater that was almost too warm to wear!! That was decades ago and I'm still proud of it. Hope yours will soon be finished!

I shied away from that book only because I'm not reading sad/emotional/upsetting at the moment. Sometimes we feel a bit too vulnerable to add to what is already there. Maybe you can skim through those parts?

Katy said...

I love real books! But I love my kindle too. I got it when I was pregnant with Em, but didn't get into it until I started nursing. It is awesome for holding a baby and reading at the same time. Also, much easier to switch books if you're just not into one or the other. Don't have to get up and disturb a sleepy toddler.

Swanski said...

The Piano Teacher is on my to read list. I love your red sweater!! So cheerful :)

meghann said...

What a beautiful sweater!

I've had trouble knitting during July and August - it has just been *so* hot here! It's a little silly - I want to knit over the summer so we have warm things to wear when the weather turns cold, but until the weather turns cold I can't bear to have all that warm wool running through my fingers... xo

Elizabeth said...

Oh a kindle is on my wish list. Love the color of your sweater.