Monday, August 29, 2011


Emily and Joy taking a nap together.

We're pretty lucky that Emily really loves our cats and the cats seem to tolerate Emily very well.  Emily's best friends are our two cats Joy and Coconut.  Her first word was kitty and now she knows how to meow.  It's pretty adorable.

We're lucky that these two cats like Emily.  They're amazingly tolerant.  Both of them will play with Emily and let her chase them around the house.  Often I will find all three of them sitting down together and getting into trouble.  When Emily goes into her play area in the living room Joy often follows and sits close by.  Coconut keeps a safer distance, but is never too far off in case Emily might drop a cookie for him to gobble up.  They both let her pet them as well as pull on their whiskers and, in the case of the other night, ride their tails.  (Emily held onto Joy's tail as she was walking away and Joy dragged her across the screaming from cat or toddler.)  

I sometimes worry about Emily not having a sibling to play with now, but she seems content to socialize with the cats and that's pretty sweet.  After all, that's what her mother does.  Some of my best friends have been kitties and I'm glad Emily has some cat friends too. 


Anonymous said...


So many people seem to think that cats get jealous of babies, but I've never seen it happen. I'm not saying that it doesn't happen - I just haven't experienced it yet. Why do people always want to talk about the negative?

I'm thrilled to see such a sweet photo of Emily with the kitties!

Katy said...

We actually had a cat get jealous of Emily. We had four cats before she was born, but one couldn't deal with the stress and went to live with my mom and one was super jealous of Emily. He sprayed everything baby and then moved on to the rest of the house. One of the chairs on the couch still sorta smells from it. He had to find a childless home to live in. Broke our heart. Luckily these two cats love Emily.