Thursday, August 18, 2011


The other day I posted on facebook that the only thing better than Baby Emily is Toddler Emily.  It is so true.  If I was enamored with Emily before I'm absolutely astounded by her now.

This morning I found myself more than a little exhausted while Emily was well rested.  So while she let me drink my tea on the couch I watched as she went to the shoe rack and proceeded to reorganize it as she saw fit.  Normally one would think this means she pulled all the shoes out of the rack and left a giant pile on the floor.  Normally one would be right.

However, this morning she went for the shoe box on dad's side.  She carefully pulled it out, then carefully unpacked the brand new sneakers inside.  Faced with two new shoes and an empty box she decided to put the shoes away.  Put them away on the shoe shelf...where they belong!  However, silly mama had put her own blue sandals on the tops shelf.  So she, holding a shoe that was about half her size, moved the sandals back down to the bottom shelf and then put dad's shoes away.  That done she finally had what she was after:  the empty shoe box.

It took her awhile but she managed to toddle over to the couch with the box.  It wasn't easy.  If she held it by the top the bottom would hang down and hit her knees.  If she held it by the bottom she couldn't see over it and keep it off the floor at the same time.  When she did get a good grip on it the cat would get in her way because he too loves empty shoe boxes.  She made it though.

I love that she figured all this out on her own.  I love that she doesn't get stymied by obstacles and problems.  I love that she has a determined face that means she will get this done.  She has that face a lot more than I do.  I often am daunted and slowed by the little problems.  They take awhile for me to tackle, sometimes I have to walk away and come back fresh.  Emily just figures it out.

I love it.  I love her.  I wish I was more like her.

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