Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy House Week 2

So I am completing my second week of the Happy House Express Challenge.  You could ask why I don't start and/or end my week on a Sunday.  It's because I don't work weekends.  Well, much.  I don't work fulltime on the weekends.  I'll feed and cloth my child but my floors will have to stay unswept.

That being said here's how I've done:

Week 1
Make the bed 7/7 (I actually do this on the weekends)
Empty the sink 6/7 (I do this too, I missed Wednesday though because of the tire thing)

Honestly Week 1 was a gimme since that was the week I cleaned top to bottom and made the house not just happy but orgasmically happy.

Week 2
Make the bed 7/7
Empty the sink 7/7
Clear the clutter 5/7  (I spent a lot of time re-clearing the clutter of my living room, but since we spend most of our time there the rest of the place still isn't that bad)
Sweep the kitchen floor 4/7

There is it.  The house looks lived in again, but not a disaster zone.  Which is a semi-miracle considering my house elf sometimes does more


than help.

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