Monday, August 22, 2011

Stranger and Stranger

Last week my husband and I switched cars so I could get his serviced while he was at work.  Everything went fine until the next day when I got my car back.  My tire pressure was low (or the little sign that says "hey your tire pressure is low" was on at least).  I didn't see anything really wrong with the tires or the car so I went on my way with the idea that I would put some air in later.

Okay, I lied.  I was going to make my husband put some air in later.  I just did all my errands and trips as normal.  I'm not proud.

When I got home the tire pressure still said low so I went around the car to check again, just in case.  Or I intended to except that the neighborhood landscapers were cutting the lawn and bushes.  That wouldn't stop me from check tires would it?  It would if the guy cutting the patch of grass outside our neighbors house hadn't pulled his pants down and started to pee on a tree.  I think he did anyway.  I only stuck around to see him pull down his pants After that Emily and I ran into the house and I forgot about the tires (and the groceries that were sitting in my trunk).

So there was a guy peeing on the tree which was strange.  Very strange.

Later that night when I finally got out to my driveway (to look for someone trying to find our house) I notice one of the back tires was flat.  Not just low.  Flat.  Really flat.

And that's strange.  But I guess not that much.

The next morning we got the car to the service center and they patched it up and it's all fine.  Except the thing that caused the flat:  A box cutter blade.  Seriously.

That's really strange.

We've been trying to figure out how my husband (who had the car) managed to get a box cutter blade stuck in the tire.  I thought he must have driven somewhere where there were, you know, box cutters.  He wonders if we weren't targeted because there are some parking wars going on where he works.  My car is easy to target because it is covered in pink hearts.  It's the only car on the island with pink hearts.  (There is another black car in Ewa that has pink flowers - that's not me.  I'm the one with the hearts.)  Most people know my car even if they don't know me.

It's strange my husband drove my car.  It's strange I saw someone peeing on a tree.  It's strange there was a box cutter in my tire.  And it's even stranger that all this happened and it's not till after a whole week and weekend that I finally realized that this isn't normal.

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Anonymous said...

That is *beyond* strange. Stay safe!