Sunday, July 31, 2011


When Emily was working on crawling she took a good long while.  She'd try a little, but then give up and stick with the tried and true scoot-around-on-my-butt method.  I was okay with waiting and had pretty much assumed we had a few months before she'd try anything.

Which is what I said to my sister when she worriedly watched my daughter scoot a foot on her floor near her dog.  Actually I said "Oh, it'll be alright, that's as far as she crawls right now."  Then Emily took off after the dog and zoomed across the living room.

Just last week I announced to my husband that I was officially giving up on the baby sign language.  It's a wonderful tool, but after 10 months it was fairly clear Emily wasn't interested in signing.  We've been having lots of language milestones lately and she seems far more enthused about vocalizing rather than signing.  I wanted to give up the brain space I was using attempting to teach her signs for something else.  It was done.  No more signing.  Let's learn something else.

Then yesterday Emily comes up to me and starts to say "Mmmmm."  Then she makes the sign for "milk" and looks at me expectantly.

Curses!  Tricked again.

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