Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Move it

A quick thought:

Can the Birther issue really be called a Birther Movement (as I heard on the news today)? Movements tens to want to move things, change things, make things happen. Birthers seem like they want to just generally whine. They don't even seem like they want to move President Obama - which would be the whole point of challenging citizenship.

Really, what would a Birther Movement stand for? Kitchen table gossip? Sour grape eating? General whining without having legitimate reasons? - All the best parts of American society I guess.

Can we Fox News Memo this? From now on it's not a movement, or an issue, or a problem. Instead we'll use Birther Debacle. Or silliness. Perhaps the Birther Bore. Because this is boring.


Anonymous said...


Thumbs-up. ;)

Anonymous said...

And, honestly, if those people cared about the country, they would do something constructive for it and the people - not stand around whining or screaming about something they didn't like.