Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rebecca Black gives me hope

When I was a pre-teen/teenager I remember the music that was popular was rather depressing. Eminem was pretty sad, most of the rap and hip hop was about people dying. NSynch and Backstreet Boys were happy, but we weren't allowed to actually like them. It's hard not to think back to the music of my "youth" and remember countless message songs about people dying of AIDS, drugs, gangbangs or just because they were the wrong race. When it wasn't in the music it was in the news - I was a junior when the Columbine Shootings took place.

But today the top song on iTunes is Rebecca Black's "Friday." It's awful. The lyrics are terrible. But they make me happy. Usually when people wake up in the morning they sing about the impossibility of getting out of bed and how they'd rather be dead. Rebecca talks about getting a bowl of cereal. Before the big decision of the day would be whether to get high or have an abortion. Rebecca has to decide which seat will she take in the car. It's such a big decision she sings about it twice. From the video it looks like she wants to sit in the back seat instead of kicking it in the front seat. That's nice - she's 13 - I don't think she can drive.

Finally, her weekends aren't about banging, drugs, getting drunk. They are about "fun." Lots and lots of fun. You know what I mean. She's so sure you know what I mean she doesn't say what she means. She just sings that you know what I mean. I'm convinced she means a sparkly t-shirt and some KoolAid. (The kind without cyanide.)

"Friday" makes me happy. If the worst we really have to worry about is which seat to sit in and "partyin' partyin'" then we must be doing something right.

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