Friday, March 18, 2011

But what I really want to do is blog

A week or so ago I looked down to watch as Emily moved from sitting to lying on her stomach to rolling onto her back, then back up again...all on her own. The remarkable part of this feat of baby strength was that I was not at all surprised. She'd been doing it for awhile and it took me at least a month to notice that I've noticed that she can roll any which way she pleases.

And that's pretty much my life. If there is anything to note I note it...then promptly forget that I've noted it because there are things to do. When Emily first rolled from tummy to back I cheered and clapped and we ran upstairs to wake up Dad and tell her she finally did it. From back to don't do it when you're on the changing table. Good. Next!

It's not that I'm not paying attention. I am. Quite a lot. I can tell by the look on her face what she's gearing up to do. I know what she's trying to grab. I see her doing all these new baby tricks. I just am too busy doing them with her (or keeping her from doing them into a wall/corner/down a flight of stairs) that I don't note them as milestones anymore I see it as the progression of our lives.

Except I want them to be milestones. My mother and I talk daily and she always asks (as she has for my entire life) "What adventures have you had today?" And I start to answer before I realize my adventure was going to the supermarket. It was fun. We enjoyed ourselves (Emily loves riding in the cart), but is is actually an adventure anymore? Is it noteworthy? Actually forget wasting paper on a note: is it blog worthy?

Shoot is it even Facebook status worthy?

I like my life. I like that the supermarket is fun. I like that a pair of clean socks has now become a toy that can mean at least 15 minutes of fun. I like all that. I like being a Mom. It's a lovely job. However, when my friends write to me and tell me of their fabulous lives then ask what I am doing I want to say something other than "breastfeeding."

I know there is something else to me than boobs...I just wish I could notice what it was.

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